Barksdale & Associates is dedicated to excellence in the management of customized investment portfolios for institutional investors.


Who We Are

WCB ownership (majority female-owned) is comprised of former and current employees, who are readily accessible to clients at all times. The firm is totally committed to client satisfaction in both portfolio management and the client services offered.

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Product Overview

Fixed Income

Controlled Risk

  • Managed Cash

  • Short Controlled Risk

  • Intermediate Controlled Risk

  • Core Aggregate Controlled Risk

  • Core Government Credit Controlled Risk

High Yield

  • Core Plus

  • Separate Account

  • Short Duration High Yield


  • Enhanced Cash

  • Short Duration

  • Intermediate



Diversified Value 

  • Strong Cash Flow

  • Large Cap Value Tilt

  • Equal Weighted

  • Low Turnover

  • Fully Invested

  • Diverse Sectors

Proprietary Research

WCB utilizes a number of proprietary models to make decisions on sector allocation, yield curve positioning, and duration exposure. These models have been developed over the past thirty years by Charles Webb, CIO, and Frank Puryear, Senior Portfolio Manager. Approximately 75% of the research is generated internally. WCB begins with a top-down approach utilizing proprietary correlation models as well as economic, duration, and broad sector analysis.  WCB overlays further quantitative analysis on sectors, credit and yield curve.  Traditional, fundamental bottom-up credit research is incorporated throughout. Examples of the many proprietary predictive and analytical models that we have developed over the years include various bond valuation and rating models on corporate and mortgage sectors, yield curve reversion-to-the-mean models, and various models that forecast the yield curve, GDP, inflation, and future Fed funds rates.