Strategies Overview

WCB’s commitment to actively managed customized portfolios has been in place for over thirty years. The firm has managed fixed income and equity portfolios based on disciplined investment strategies that have been proven by the test of time as well as in tumultuous market conditions. While both the fixed income and equity strategies using this approach are disciplined, they are also sufficiently flexible to permit the investment teams to employ opportunistic management and trading tactics. These strategies are based on detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of each publicly traded company that is an investment candidate, technical considerations, a strong “sell discipline,” economic fundamentals, foreign and domestic influences, rapidly changing market conditions, and long term global demographics.

The quality of the firm’s internal proprietary research, along with selective research from various independent external sources around the world and the employment of risk management techniques, have been key variables in the production of long term investment results that have been very pleasing to clients. In addition, this has resulted in several long-term client relationships that date back as far as the inception of the firm in 1984. A good indication of client satisfaction is that thirty-three of our clients have given us multiple portfolio assignments.