Diversified Value

Investment Objectives

The "U.S. Diversified Value" equity strategy strives to produce superior investment returns over time relative to the Russell 1000 Value or S&P 500  Indices, with a dependable higher level of dividend income.  The strategy strives to select a well-diversified portfolio of companies from both an industry sector and market capitalization standpoint, which have either consistently paid a dividend, or, in our analysis, have the ability to consistently pay an increasing dividend.  In addition, the strategy initially selects companies at attractive valuations with the intent of owning them for an extended period of time averaging several years.  As a result, the returns have generally been tax-advantaged long-term capital gains. 

Investment Guidelines

WCB seeks to identify financially sound, publicly traded companies that are predominantly included in the Russel 1000 or S&P 500.  The proprietary strategy is based on fundamental analysis emphasizing strong balance sheets, superior cash flow, and attractive valuation.  Because the stocks are selected from a group of financially strong U.S. publicly traded companies, they are well known entities and afford substantial liquidity.  The companies are initially equally weighted in a portfolio of approximately 50 stocks, diversified among industries and sectorss.