• Independent Registered Investment Adviser

  • Founded in 1984 in Nashville, TN

  • Serving 70 Institutional Clients in 18 States

  • Caters to the Larger Institutional Investor

  • Actively Managed Customized Portfolios

  • Specialized Investment Strategies

  • Seasoned Senior Portfolio Managers

  • Professional C-Type Corporation Owned by Current and Former Employees

WCB provides fixed income and equity management strategies primarily for institutional investors. The company currently manages approximately $3.7 billion for 77 clients (70 are institutions) headquartered in 18 states. The firm manages two or more customized portfolios for 33 of our institutional clients.

The company is structured as a Professional C-Type corporation which was founded in 1984 and is 100% owned by current and former employees. The heritage and culture of the firm date back to 1974 when its founder, Weaver Barksdale, and John McDowell (retired), began working together at Commerce Union Bank (now a part of Bank of America) in Nashville, Tennessee.

All the senior portfolio managers at WCB on both the fixed income and equity management teams are seasoned professionals, and each has at least twenty years of hands-on investment experience.

The firm is managed so that its goals are strictly aligned with those of its clients.  The only source of income is from fees charged in regard to portfolio management. WCB is not involved in investment banking operations or broker/dealer services.

The hallmark of the firm’s investment management capabilities calls for each client to have their own customized portfolio(s), as opposed to being part of a predetermined master portfolio, commingled account, or mutual fund. Over the years, this approach has worked exceedingly well for WCB's clients. The company has distinguished itself in the management of such portfolios, providing specialized strategies that conform to specific guidelines, directives, or statutory regulations primarily for such organizations as state and local governmental entities, insurance companies, non-profit healthcare systems, associations, foundations and other institutions.